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Lobby Cards were a form of advertisement for upcoming movies in Cinemas. These were sent out for the publicity with images reflecting the content of a newly released movie. These were similar to posters but smaller, usually 11 in × 14 in (28 cm × 36 cm), also 8 in × 10 in (20 cm × 25 cm) before 1930. Now, these have become collectibles and their value depends on their age, quality and popularity. Usually, issued in sets of eight, each features a di erent scene from the lm. In unusual circumstances, some releases were promoted with large (12 cards) or small sets (6 cards). In the United Kingdom, sets of lobby cards are known as “Front of House” cards. These, however, also refer to black-and-white press photographs, in addition to the more typical 8 × 10 inch promotional devices resembling lobby cards. With the development of printing techniques, the creativity and innovation nd more importance in designs of these cards. The selection of the images, imaginative borders of images and the brilliant colours create a piece of artwork to convey the mood of the lm more impressively.

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