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Conferro provides a number of platforms for a collector to acquire and sell the desired collectible items.

  • Auctions: Go to auctions/ See how to buy and sell
  • Online portal: View Collectibles bank
  • Private sales: See Private sales section

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Appraisals and Valuations

Conferro provides complimentary valuation services to help ascertain the value of an item. If you want to learn more about the product you possess, looking to determine its value for reference, insurance or consigning for sales.

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Private Sales

Conferro specialises in rare and exclusive pieces of Indian Art and collectibles. Through our programmes and events aimed to promote education and knowledge sharing, we help corporates, collectors and institutions to build aesthetically strong and historically significant collections through our advisory and research services. This is a private service for a select set of individuals and organisations, including connoisseurs and novices alike, to assist them with the entire process of collection building, right from ascertaining the best genre/ pieces to fit in their collection to providing and delivering the rarest of the rarest and most exclusive items at their doorstep in conjunction with their requirements and aesthetic tastes.

Conferro also offers a number of auction services including private bidding at auctions for select clients, along with a no of ancillary services complementing the entire process of collection management including shipment, insurance, vaulting, framing etc.

Collection Management Services

Conferro enables one to acquire a specified collectible item or a curated collection through our dedicated private sales division. We help you acquire the desired product or an exclusive collection privately and with complete confidentiality. Looking to evaluate, sell / consign an item for private sales.

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Indian Art and collectibles market holds immense potential in times to come. The industry’s market has already started to create its impressions in the global market and holds a promising outlook for its collectibles owing to increasing global attention and recognition of India’s rich art and culture along with an increased focus of its emerging economy as a buoyant economic force.

Conferro takes pride in its distinguished research services enabling collectors the access to its collectibles bank comprising of rare and never seen before collectibles forming the fundamentals of our history.

We specialise in providing art and artefacts rich in cultural heritage, being historically significant and having immense potential of growth in future. Our Collection management services enable clients to be a part of this aesthetically strong and rapidly growing market and make most of the opportunities offered by the industry.

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