Lobby Cards

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About Lobby Cards

Initially produced by Hollywood, Lobby cards became one of the mainstays of Bollywood promotions along with posters and synopsis. They generally feature one or more photographic stills along with details of the production house, movie name and often some text and were produced in sets of 8 initially and later, up to 20. They were usually printed on heavy paper resembling cardboard. Lobby cards played an important role not only in promoting the films but also in bringing stardom to actors, gradually moving away from just stills of films to also featuring protagonists as well. One would find femininity of female actors being delicately showcased and faces of male actors as well. Initially included black and white stills, they gradually moved to coloured ones, with the advent of colour cinema. Lobby cards or mounted movie stills are the rarer set of memorabilia collectibles, as they were produced in much lower numbers. This makes them highly collectible and more sought-after items among collectors.

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