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Folk and tribal art in India are not just aesthetic objects but in fact have an important significance in people’s life and are tied to their beliefs and rituals. The objects can range from sculpture, masks, paintings, textiles, baskets, kitchen utensils, arms and weapons etc. Thereby having a deep symbolic meaning that is attached to not only the objects but also the materials and techniques used to produce them. Often puranic gods and legends are transformed into contemporary forms and familiar images, local heroes and deities playing a vital role for inspiration in these artworks. Folk art also includes the visual expressions of the wandering nomads, while most tribes and traditional folk artist’s communities are assimilated into the familiar kind of civilised life they still continue to practice their art. Though, market and economic forces have ensured that the numbers of these artists are dwindling, a lot of effort is being made by the Government of India to preserve and protect these artforms and to promote them. The folk spirit has a tremendous role to play in the development of art and in the overall consciousness of indigenous cultures.

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