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In our endeavor to preserve and promote the history and the rich cultural heritage, we strive to increase the collector base and enthusiasts through a series of events and programs focused on education and knowledge sharing, showcasing, promoting, and auctioning the items representing the oldest civilization in the world, enabling collectors to learn, view, collect, and live with the pieces rarely seen before. One step forward in this direction is the introduction of Conferro Athenaeum, a knowledge wealth bank.

When we say wealth bank of knowledge we mean a stop search destination where you will find research papers, blogs, articles and more material related to art, history, culture, artisans, artists, collectors and collections, industry trends, and more. This is a resource we are going to be constantly working on to make sure it grows and people learn more and more. With the lack of knowledge sharing platforms, Conferro Athenaeum will be that one credible source of information for you. Knowledge today is very valuable and with this endeavour we want to make sure everyone has access to it. Preservation is only possible when we realise what exists and how its absence will affect us. With Conferro Athenaeum we strive to bridge this knowledge gap. Research and knowledge are very important in building a collection and/or wealth creation of arts and collectibles. For instance, our artist research reports have helped in making landmark recommendations. Athaneum strives to imbibe the appreciation and knowledge of art, culture & heritage.


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