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A woman holds an album sleeve featuring a picture of Indian film actor Amitabh Bachchan during a press preview of works from the “Vintage Bollywood Memorabilia” auction. Celebrating 100 years of Bolly

Cricket bat signed by 32 Bollywood stars sells for Rs. 7.5 lakh in UK

LONDON: A cricket bat signed by 32 Indian film legends including present day Bollywood heart throbs Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra has sold for £7,500 (Rs 7 lakh) in London. The bat was donated by BBC Asian Network presenter Tommy Sandhu and all proceeds from the sale of the lot was donated to the charity, Children in Need.

Bid for Vintage Bollywood

Bollywood fans in London got a chance to relive their favourite classics last week. The London-based Conferro Auctions hosted a special auction on Friday dedicated to 100 years of Indian cinema.


Mayor of London Boris Johnson celebrates 100 years of bollywood

London Hosts Vintage Bollywood Auction to Mark Indian Cinema Centenary

Vintage Bollywood memorabilia to be sold in London

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