Navbharat Times ( 01-Nov-1984)



Dated: Nov, 1984.

Original Newspaper: Navbharat Times, Hindi edition

Collectible newspaper, covering the grim, historic event of the assassination of Late PM Indira Gandhi by her bodyguards, covered by the publication’s special correspondent.

Other reports of importance include –

● Coverage of the Tribute to Mrs Gamdhi, grief, and events around it.

● Reports of rioting and violence and curfew in various places.

● Evidence attempts from one of the assassins.

● Rajiv Gandhi to become Prime Minister?

● Features Important set of collectible photographs covering the life span of Mrs Gandhi.

● International match stops in between.

● Iconic, collectible vintage advertisements, illustrations and cartoons including Lottery, Mc Dowell’s, Belltech, etc.

Original Newspaper : Fully restored for life.

Comes with curatorial notes, certificates and elegant gift packaging for gifting requests.

Navbharat Times publication

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