The Hindu (26-Mar-1975)



“Saudi Arabian King Assasinated” – Dramatic Historical event coverage in The Hindu
Dated March 26 1975
Original Vintage Newspaper
This collectible The Hindu heritage newspaper covers historical event shocking the world, especially entire Middle East, covering the Assasination of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia by a “mentally unsound Nephew” and subsequent events and news.
Other reports of importance include –
– Complete coverage of the death of Saudi Arabian King Faisal,events,reactions and reference
– King Faisal’s life and career and situation of the time.
– Comments from President of India Mr Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and US President Mr. Gerald Ford
– Photos Included – King Faisal of Saudi Arabia
– Other domestic international news and coverage
– Numerous interesting vintage advertisements
– Movies release advertisements, cartoons and illustrationsOriginal Newspaper : Fully restored for life

Comes with curatoral notes, certificates and elegant gift packaging for gifting requests.

The Hindu:

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