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Born on 17th Apr, 1993 (Tanda, Ambedkar Nagar, U.P.) Anand Kapoor Bharti did his education in Bachelor of Fine Art and Master of Fine Art from College of Art, New Delhi in 2018. As an artist, I’ve always been keen on going beyond what was conventional. I have constantly experimented with various media such as charcoal, oil, ink, gum, aluminum foil, resin etcetera in a quest to find the truth behind surfaces and facades. Textures play a huge role in my current series of works. Also another huge factor that has affected my work are my subconscious and past experiences. The forms that appear in my paintings present themselves at the back of my mind when I look at an empty canvas. My subconscious guides my strokes to shape the forms my mind sees. My skill yields a way for my brushstrokes and together they create the picture I paint.
In my work, one will come across forces of nature, my personal fixation. Being born away from the city, I feel myself very close to nature. Man is so surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city life, that he fails to realize the importance of being one with his natural surroundings. With my paintings, I hope to achieve this communion and harmony with nature. Upon closer notice of my paintings, you will come across various animalistic forms such as horses, deer’s, elephants, bulls etc. Some of these appear to be in a calm and composed temperament, while others appear to be screaming, echoing my own agony at the naivety of mankind.
My experiments with various media and textures have led me to this stage. In my recent series of work, I aim to create a marble like texture. This process includes the use of glue and aluminum foil. After the texture is done, I bring out the forms I see in the textures with my conscience, may it be humans, horses or other animalistic forms.
One might ask me why I only use certain tones of colors in these paintings. Truth is, earth tones such as ochers, umbers and sepia remind me of mother earth and the choice of these colors brings me tranquility as they symbolize the earthly forces. I constantly strive to find a voice for my thoughts and hope to achieve them through my art.

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