Vinita Dasgupta



After years of exploration and experimentation with multiple mediums and techniques, Vinita is now well known for her rolled canvas or technique of finely rolling paper and fabric, cutting it into diverse fashion and then pasting them according the shades and colours with high precision to create the final artwork. The beauty of her work resides in the fact that he final
artwork created has an altogether different visual as well as emotional outcome from what the individual materials depict. The works are created using loose blend of overlapping
elements, the elements might say one thing ‘‘Individuality’’, yet placed together, leaving the message to be less definite.
Personal associations and interpretations spontaneously arising from the viewer’s head is what most artists seek today. These pieces are more like the collaborations of a state of mind, a distracted, half conscious state that causes jumble of unrelated things: scraps of memory, floating impressions, thoughts and feelings in an incompetent fashion. The wise juxtaposition of visual images along with text, often use of traditional media as well as photography to spark ideas and to compose them in portraiture or any other form is what makes her stand out from the other artists. Weaving of layers, colours, shapes and textures softly, but proclaim balance, harmony and integration. The final artworks are the creations of her exploration into the psychic depths.
Her works are a result of an inspired from the natural world. “Its beauty and its cruelty, its hostility and its hospitality, its paradoxes and its contrasts”. (edited)

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