The Daily Star (06-Feb-1966)



“Luna-9 sends Photos of Moon” – Dramatic Historical event coverage in The Daily Star
Dated February 6 1966
Original Vintage Newspaper
This collectible The Daily Star heritage newspaper covers historical event shocking the world, especially entire Europe covering the photos of moon from Luna-9 and also subsequent events and news.
Other reports of importance include –
– Complete coverage of the First soft landing on moon and Photos sent by Luna-9,events,reactions and reference
– Situation of that time.
– Comments from Sir Bernard Lovell
– Photos included – All Photos from Luna-9
– Other domestic international news and coverage
– Numerous interesting vintage advertisements
– Movies release advertisements, cartoons and illustrationsOriginal Newspaper : Fully restored for life

Comes with curatoral notes, certificates and elegant gift packaging for gifting requests.
The Daily Star:

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