The Bangladesh Observer (15-July-1975)



“Apollo,Soyuz twin launching today” – Historical event coverage in The Bangladesh Observer
Dated July 15 1975
Original Vintage Newspaper
This collectible The Bangladesh Observer heritage newspaper covers historical event of the world, especially entire North America, covering the launchings of Soyuz and Apollo from Baikonur Cosmodrome, including sequent events and news.
Other reports of importance include –
– Complete coverage of Spaceship(Apollo and Soyuz,) Soviet commander Leonov and American Commander Stafford,events,reactions and reference- Situation of that time
– Comments from Col. Leonov
– Photos Included – Ten moments showing the blast off a space rocket carrying a Soyuz Spacecraft
– Other domestic international news and coverage
– Numerous interesting vintage advertisements
– Movies release advertisements, cartoons and illustrations

Original Newspaper : Fully restored for life

Comes with curatoral notes, certificates and elegant gift packaging for gifting requests.

The Bangladesh Observer:

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