Sindhi Caps

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Sindhi topi is worn predominantly by Sindhi Muslim communities like Jatt, Mutwa, Memon of desert areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
These traditional caps are circular except for a portion cut out in the front to expose the forehead. Intricate geometrical designs are embroidered with chain stitch on the cap, and very often small pieces of mirror are sewed into it with button hole stitches. The Sindhi cap is often given as a gift or as a sign of respect,
Every pastoral nomadic family, ethnic group which moved around here, carried their ways of life, like traditions, values, rites, rituals, culture, etc
During the eighteen and nineteenth century AD, covering head with turban, cap or cloth was considered as a sigh of soberness among these communities.
This kind of cap are embroidered with silk and zari with beautiful embellishment and ornamented with pieces of glasses to extend its beauty. This cap has been incised from forehead in the way (like half moon) that both curving corners touches right and left mandible.

There are five styles of cap, round (circular), four cornered, fancy, betel leaf shaped and the cap having different designs.

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