Shri Haniman Chalisa



Vijay Joshi is one of the em‏erging and contemporary artists from a long line of illustrious artists of Phad painting. He received the training at Shahpura’s Nonpareil Phad Art under the guidance of his National Award-winning father. Apart from working on the traditional themes of Phad art viz. Pabuji, Devnarayan, Ramdala etc, who are mythological figures in the region; Joshi has experimented with various alternate themes such as Mahatma Gandhi’s life, Amitabh Bachhan’s life, important battles in history, Airavata etc. He has the distinction of conducting several workshops, putting his works on display at galleries across the nation, and displaying artworks at the Commonwealth Games, 2010.

A strong advocate of telling stories that need to be told, Mr. Joshi gave life to this masterpiece to honour the valour of the great king, Maharana Pratap.

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