Satsuma Vase



Satsuma ware or Satsuma-yaki is a type of pottery made in Satsuma Province, southern Kyūshū, Japan. By adapting their gilded polychromatic enamel overglaze designs to appeal to the tastes of western consumers, manufacturers made Satsuma ware one of the most recognized and profitable export products of the Meiji period. This vase is encircled with a densely patterned brocade ground accompanied by patterned bands to the top and bottom, the base bears the mark of Dai Nippon Unzan— meaning Great Japan, words which were used to indicate patriotism during this period. Unzan is the artist’s name. A sierra ordains the vase, and a group of warriors accoutered in traditional military garb face a classic Japanese palatial house is seen in the foreground colored in a luxuriant golden hue, enhancing its royal aura.
[Decorated in various colored enamels and gilt depicting warriors in front of a palace with mountains and trees in the background with geometrical motifs at the neck and base, Meiji Period (1867-1912)]

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