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The Pichwais are traditionally hung behind the image of the Hindu Lord Shrinathji, a childhood incarnation of Krishna.. Each pichwai painting is considered an offering to the deity and hence personifies Shrinathji as a prince with jewels and luxuries, surrounded by Gopis, the milkmaids.

The pichvais are usually painted on cloth but can also be woven, embroidered, printed, and dyed. This embroidered Pichwai tapestry is embroidered in Mochi Bharat style, combines the harmony and beauty of its colours with exquisite workmanship, to make it an excellent and fascinating work of art.

Mochi Bharat is a chain stitch embroidery prevalent in Rajasthan and Gujarat .The Meghwal cobblers prepare leather footwear by chain stitch and expertise in decorating these goods with embroideries which gradually evolved into the textile decoration. Embroidery is worked with either cotton or silk untwisted thread called ‘Pat’.
The needle used for Moch Bharat is Called Ari or Katharni, Which is very fine awl, having a small notch just above the point to form hook.The main motifs come from bird, animal and, floral kingdoms.

Throughout the centuries, Pichvais have been primarily created by followers of the Pushtimarg sect in Nathdwara, a village in Rajasthan. Different paintings are made for different occasions, different seasons,festivals, and so on.

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