Movie Memorabilia – Johny Mera Naam

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About Bollywood Poster

Movie Posters are rare collectible items that reflect the movie culture of a bypassed time. They were a widespread form of promotions and marketing of movies before digitalization. Movie posters were created to promote movies and also create general curiosity and excitement among the audience. Over time the demand for movie posters has taken a toll because the collection of these original memorabilia has become very prevalent. One of the biggest reasons for the hike in the demand of movie posters is that they were mostly handmade and painted. Many of these movie poster artists have been acclaimed in the present. A typical Bollywood poster from the 60s or 70s would have the hero and the villain in highlight. The 60s and 70s saw Bollywood movies running successfully even overseas. Most of the Bollywood movies did great in the Soviet Union. Many Bollywood movies have done better business in the Soviet Union than in India. Many of the Raj Kapoor movies still remain the top lists of all-time favourites in Russia. The cultural amalgamation that these movie posters bring about validates the surge of their importance.
Johny Mera Naam is a 1970 Bollywood crime action film directed by Vijay Anand. It’s starring Dev Anand and Pran in the lead roles as brothers separated during childhood. The film is considered a Dev Anand classic and was the highest grossing Bollywood film of the seventy’s.


This is an original movie poster of the hit Dev Anand film. A vintage Bollywood poster of the movie that featured the evergreen superstar of Indian cinema, Dev Anand in the lead role opposite dream girl Hema Malini. The poster was originally designed on a hand painted canvas, this beautiful artwork depicts Dev Anand wearing his trademark muffler around his neck and Hema Malini is shown wearing a saree in a much smaller figure on the side. The typography used in this vintage Bollywood poster is in English.

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