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About Vintage Movie Synopsis:

Movie Synopsis, also known as Old Bollywood pressbooks or song booklets, were an important tool for movie goers in the past. Though, not produced now, they used to be an important promotional as well as informative material and an attraction for movie lovers, often depicting movie summary, songs etc. Pre 60’s synopsis had a similar template to a movie poster on the front, cast and crew information and often used to end with unanswered hints or questions generating interest ex- ‘Will the villain be punished in the end’ ‘Would they achieve their desired goal’ etc, followed by song lyrics in the end. Often a teaser with next release in the end or another poster/image of the movie. Hand painted posters, quite common in that era as well as musicians were used as selling points. The 60’s booklets reflected a sense of flamboyance and a star system, though still carrying a subtle, polite charm of the times. Stylised photographs gradually started replacing the hand painted artworks in the 70’s, whereas in the 80’s the booklets often resembled cassette covers. They truly represent our past and cultural legacy as well as the socio-cultural dynamics of the bygone era.

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