Jyoti Swaroop

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A modern master known for his abstracts, Jyoti Swaroop’s work being impactful and extremely intricate, use objective associations to create luminosity, to give an impression of being lit by some source. His works appear as an artwork of brightly polished and polychrome metal foil with many indentations, the planes curving at various angles, thereby catching the light and glinting all over the warped surface. A Self-taught artist from a culturally rich and colourful place Jodhpur, his works like Inner Jungle series, sound series and sun of India series, together with his ultramodern experiments on ceramic tiles, place him on equal footing with F.N.Souza, but Jyoti Swaroop was influenced by Krishen khanna, whom he resembles the least. Awards 1960-64-66-67-68-81 state award, Rajasthan Lalitkala Akademi 1986- Lalitkala Fellowship 1984- National Central Lalit Kala Akademi Exhibitions held in many cities of the Country Murals executed in various state and private collections Exhibited in Philadelphia and Washington.

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