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jajam 62 years old Jajam
This is a traditional floor spread called Jajam from Rajasthan. Prepared by stitching four pieces of Kaddar fabric together and then block printed with red-maroon and black natural dyes.
The important centres for hand block printing in Rajasthan are Jaipur, Sanganer, Bagroo, Pali and Barmer and many others. Two style of printing was prepared. Those for use by the peasants and others for the urban population. The material used for peasants was thick khaddar or coarse cloth and they carried bold patterns on a dark background. The black color was prepared with iron oxide, the brown and the red are also indigenous dyes. The red-and-black saturated prints gave the textile a rich appearance .

Jajams were used for gatherings to sit on floor . This Jajam is a special one because it has a Chaupd printed at the centre. Chaupad is an Indigenous game popular amongst the rural people, especially during the hot afternoon of summer they sit under the shade and enjoys this game. This Jajam may serves both purposes, sitting and playing.

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