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Sandoz near Tavannes, Switzerland. The founder Henri Frederic Sandoz died on 18th March, 1913. The company went on growing and by 1938, it was manufacturing four thousand items a day.
Since 1971 the Sandoz brand name has been split into four main areas of production, due to licenses being leased or sold. This has led to four separate brands: Sandoz Singapore, Sandoz Swiss, Sandoz Hong Kong and Sandoz Spain (Munreco). All of these produce watches under the Sandoz name, but each production company has its own line of products. Sandoz Swiss manufactures high quality watches, while Sandoz Hong Kong and Sandoz Singapore manufacture cheaper watches of lower quality. Sandoz Hong Kong products are assembled in Hong Kong using Swiss movements from ETA SA.
It is a Railway Regulator Model. Railroad needed highly accurate, precision timepieces so their locomotive engineers could maintain strict schedules, thus avoiding collisions.

Manufacturer: Sandoz and co
Swiss made mechanical pocket watch
Roman numerals, 12 hour dial
Mechanical Hand winding
Closure: Open face
Sandoz is a Swiss watch brand, established in the 1870s
by Henry

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