Cape Town Riots Spread


4th Sep 1976

The Malaysian English newspaper’s lead headlines reporting on grave riots in Cape Town, South Africa between ‘black and coloured youths’, with thousands rioting in the city centre and more on the way from outskirts.

Other coverage includes:

Price on 6 terrorists belonging to NKPG force announced
$10,000 snatched from Singer salesman
Classic HSBC advertisement
Taal Volcano eruption
Singapore authorities asked for Details of Samad’s communist front’s activities by Malaysian authorities
Indian News in Overseas media
Important advertisements including Bridgestone, Henkel Lux, Baygon,Sanyo, Parker, etc
Soap a luxury in Sri Lanka
Indian news in overseas media
Shell announces bonus shares
Thailand’s economic and political crisis
Numerous cartoons, puzzles, comic strips etc.
Complete newspaper, comes fully conserved.

Delivered along with a Curatorial note, authenticity certificates and customised framing/packaging for collection and gifting purposes.

Most newspapers also include other important collectibles such as Vintage advertisements, puzzles, cartoons etc

New Strait times is an English language newspaper published in Malaysia, its oldest newspaper, still in print, having founded in 1845 and re-established as New Strait times in 1974.

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