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About Vinyl Records or LPs

A Gramophone or Vinyl record is an analogue sound storage medium in the form of a flat disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove. Vinyl records are circular disks made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with grooves cut into them. These grooves are a physical representation of the audio waveforms of the original recording — and music lovers swear by them. In essence, you’re getting the purest version of that recording you can possibly get in form of Gramophone records. LP records or vinyl records are generally described by their diameter in inches (12”, 10”, 7”), the rotational speed in rpm at which they are played (16⅔, 33⅔, 45, 78), and their time capacity resulting from a combination of those parameters (LP – long-playing 33⅔ rpm, SP – 78 rpm single, EP – 12-inch single or extended play, 33 or 45 rpm); their reproductive quality and the number of audio channels provided (mono, stereo, quad, etc.). In the yesteryear, many vinyl record covers were hand-painted. They are not only works of art but also double up as unique souvenirs of the past. Each hand-painted vinyl record cover bears tell-tale signs of the particular artist, although unfortunately most of them remain anonymous. Hand-painted vinyl record covers are sought-after collectibles for their artistic appeal. If you have any particular music, genre/ artist in mind, reach out to us, we would definitely have the vinyl record you are looking for!

Song List

Side One:

Jai Raghunandan (Gharana)
Ghunght Ke Pat Khol (Jogan)
Tere Dwar Khada Bhagwan (Waman Avtar)
Darshan Do Ghanshyam (Narsi Bhagat)
Tora Man Darpan (Kaajal)
Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai (Seema)
Side Two:

Man Tarpat Hari Darshan, Ko Aaj (Baiju Bawra)
Man Mohan Man Men (Kaise Kahoon)
Radhike Tune (Beti Bete)
Radha Na Bole (Azad)
Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum (Do Ankhen Bara Haath)
Jyot Se Jyot Jagate Chalo (Sant Gyaneshwar)

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